Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lyme disease and bee stings

Last year after feeling really crummy for several months, I was diagnosed with Lyme. I never had the first stage symptoms of rash and flu like symptoms. I do believe that my antibodies from being stung by bees regularly had something to do with my somewhat resistance to the bacteria.

One of the alments from the Lyme is my knees, especially my right one, becomes irritated and burns. It feels swollen, but never appears to be. Today while working bees for the first time this year, I was stung on my right knee. How did she know? It feels like more of a reaction then I usually get. Somehow I believe that the sting was beneficial and will help keep me feel less stress in my knee during swarm season

Ill report back and tell you my findings if apitherapy.


Hemlock said...

So sorry to hear about you getting Lyme's. If the bees help please let us know. My wife came down with it last year as well. We've been using the 'Stephen Harrod Buhner Protocol' to great effect. Oddly she gets stung more times in a year than i do yet she's not in the bees, I am. Go figure. I know bee venom affects lymph, as does Lyme's, so if they can help you knees then great.

Cassandra said...

I hope your wife makes a recovery. I did the antibiotic route and am now doing the herbal and homeopathic route now.