Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's weather was rather nice. It was in the high 50's and the girls were out and about picking up pollen.

Here is the picture of my hive set up with the nickels in the corners.

This has been working wonderfully to remove condensation, but next year I will make a few adjustments....
the inner cover has the screen that is covering the bee escape down so I couldn't put any syrup in the hive and had to use the entrance feeder. The bees were up to the inner cover when I peeked in. The hive wasn't as heavy as I would have liked when I lifted the back up, so that is why I went a head and put the syrup in the entrance. Also next year I would like a slit opening across the inner cover to keep the chimney effect from the brood.

With it been so warm, I wouldn't doubt that they might falsely think that it's closer to spring then it really is. They were bringing in lots of pollen so I'm not sure is stores were just been replenished or if they are trying to raise brood already.

I have ordered a nuc for next year and plan on making a split from it onto my Top bars, fingers crossed. I need to order equipment soon so I have ample time to assemble it.
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