Monday, November 17, 2008

Winterizing the hive

I seems that the key to winterizing you hive is to keep the moisture under control. The heat of the hive and the cold of out side cause a condensation effect on the hive's lid. The water then drips down on the bees and that is what causes caulk brood and mold. I'm planning on using a
bee cozy wrap next week when it gets here and putting a piece of polystyrene foam on top of the inner cover.

I have a screened bottom board and I'm unsure if leaving it open or closing it is the way to go. I have read so much conflicting info on this subject. I'm opting for leaving it closed.

Hopefully this will keep them dry and help them move more freely in the hive to get to the stores of honey when the temperatures really dip down.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sugar treatment

Approx 100 mites and about 8 beetles on the board 3 hours after the treatment.

Powderd sugar treatment for mites

Since my count is getting into the danger zone, I thought I would try a powdered sugar treatment. The treatment is a mechanical method, when the bees get covered in the sugar they groom themselves and each other knocking off the mites. Long Lane honey bee farm in central IL has a really nice blog with lots of informative lessons. Here is a link to the lesson on sugar treatments for mites with a video showing the process.

I noticed that my inner cover was hiding a lot of shb's. My last hive got infested with wax moths when it died out. The moths left a lot of small holes in the cover making hiding spots for the beetles. I have been lazy and not using my beetle eaters.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mite cout going up

80 mites in two days! Ugh I'm loosing the mite battle. I'm feeling like small cell might just be BS.