Monday, January 17, 2011

What to do when it's almost to late?

The DHS hive isn't where it needs to be to get through this unusually harsh Georgia winter.  Late winter hive feeding are best done with bee candy.  It's hard for the bees to metabolize moisture during cold weather.
One four cups of water were brought to a boil, then ten pounds of sugar is mixed in and stirred till it reaches 145F.
a candy thermometer is a must.
I poured the mixture after it slightly cooled.
after an hour I have a nice slab of candy.

A 2" shim between top Hive Body and the Inner Cover will keep the candy from interfering with the inner cover.  We will lay small wooden dowels perpendicular to the frames within hive, and gently place the sugar cakes onto these so it can be accessed all the way around.  

Even a hive with stores can starve if they move up to fast and don't eat the stores on the sides.  Hopefully this will help them when they reach the top.